Once an Entrepreneur Always an Entrepreneur

About a week ago, we had a discussion about what our ideal job in a perfect world would be. My answer was definitely building impactful organizations/companies. I believe that I am a builder and this is ideally pretty much what my career has been so far. I was born into an entrepreneur family. To my … Continue reading Once an Entrepreneur Always an Entrepreneur


It’s About Time

Roughly two months ago, I came back to Nairobi ready to embark on work in the operations team of a visionary local startup. This generally meant spending every waking moment researching the local tech startup ecosystem. My knowledge of the Kenyan startup scope is tied to my five years of university in one of the … Continue reading It’s About Time

Let’s Go…Twende!

Original Article published on Medium, Cast in Africa.  What do you think of when you hear the term innovation? Is it drones, 3D printing, robots, mobile applications or any other forms of technology being implemented to simplify day-to-day activities? A few days ago, I was no different and would have echoed the same thoughts. However, … Continue reading Let’s Go…Twende!